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The House of Eternal Return (HoER or just the House) is the first and smallest permanent installation created by Meow Wolf. It is in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Despite the detail and intricacy, this location was built by ~30 people.

Official Description[]

Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return is a mind-bending, explorable art experience for people of all ages in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Featuring over 70 rooms of immersive art, House of Eternal Return takes participants on a macrocosmic adventure of seemingly endless possibilities.


House of Eternal Return was built inside of a former bowling alley, with funding from George R. R. Martin, Kickstarter, and the city of Santa Fe.[1][2]

It was renovated in 2017, 2018, and 2019, bringing in new rooms such as the Infinity Spa, Timeworm, and the Water Tower.

It closed in March 2020 due to COVID. It reopened on March 19, 2021 with new rooms, such as Trash Temple. [3]


Warning, plot summary may spoil parts of the story of the exhibition.

Something odd happened inside the Seligs’ residence. The exhibition follows the story of a family and the loss of a relative "Lex." Each family member has their own story to tell within the walls and papers throughout the house. The house is analysed by an organisation called "The Charter" due to a cataclysmic event surrounding the house involving the multiverse. This house mentions the Anomaly, which is the center of the story. You can find out what the Anomaly is by exploring and interacting with objects found throughout it.

Also, you can open the fridge and step inside to get to Portals Bermuda. You can also find Caves by going through the fireplace.



  • With an additional $20 donation, Kickstarter backers would receive a House Of Eternal Return coin minted by Shire Post Mint.[4] It was able to be redeemed at the gift shop for a value of five dollars.[5]
  • Multiple musicians, including T-Pain and NSP, have filmed music videos inside of the exhibit.[6][1]


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