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Numina is one of the four primary worlds within Convergence Station. Its name meaning "The Spirit of a Place," Numina is a sixth-dimensional sentient plant composed of cells that represent timelines and universes. Visiting Numina has been observed to have adverse effects on the mental state of travelers, and it remains unknown why it is part of Convergence, as none of the Forgotten Four hail from Numina.


Numina appears lush and colorful, with brilliant vegetation covering the entire world. The bark of the trees seamlessly morphs into fungal mushroom-like structures. Despite its mysterious nature, there are identifiable flora and fauna within Numina, as described in Leomie's Field Journal.


At the center of Numina stands the giant polygonal structure known as the Cosmohedron. In the "Guide to Convergence," the Cosmohedron is described as follows:

"Little is known about this massive multi-level being that sits in the center of Numina. It is thought to be a cosmic virus that was absorbed by Numina at some point. Today, it is fully safe, explorable, and seems to be the nexus of Numina's attempts to communicate with visitors. There are sights and sounds here that are seen nowhere else in the multiverse!"

The Cosmohedron exhibit stands 35 feet tall and has three levels.


Leomie's experiences in Numina, as documented in her journal, provide a glimpse into the enigmatic and transformative nature of this world. Following her initial visit, upon her return to Convergence, she felt a persistent pull towards Numina, an indescribable shape and feeling that haunted her thoughts. In her journal, she chronicles her observations, experiences, and thoughts in this mysterious place. She ponders the frozen movements of creatures, the manifestation of sound waves through flowers, and the strange distortions of time and memory. Leomie also encounters the Slow Moving Woman, a figure steeped in myth and collective memory, whose mournful presence transcends time and space.


Leomie's journal offers intriguing insights into the unique workings of Numina's ecosystem. She notes that Numina does not conform to traditional notions of an ecosystem, as plants do not bloom or die in the expected manner, and most creatures do not participate in a typical food chain. Instead, she compares the lifeforms to organelles within a world-sized cell, suggesting a more integrated function and interconnectedness. Leomie also explores the concept of parallel universes represented as cells in a high-dimensional plant, drawing parallels to plasmodesmata, the structures in plant cells that connect neighboring cells. This perspective provides a fascinating lens through which to view Numina's intricate and interconnected existence.

The Meow Wolf Website also offers some insight into the scientific anomalies that afflict Numina:

Numina is an organic landscape that is actually a sixth-dimensional sentient plant – the many cells of which are all timelines and universes within.
Everything within the space is either an organelle of the single cell or a visitor who has been welcomed into the whole.

Why is Numina a part of Convergence?[]

As mentioned earlier, none of the Forgotten Four, who are rumored to have caused the Convergence, hail from Numina. With that being the connective tissue between the other converged worlds, how and why is Numina also converged? This section of the article is speculative and these theories are unconfirmed but, in this nerd's opinion, well-founded. Spoiler warning.

The Meow Wolf website sheds a bit of light on what the reasons may be:

Numina exists beyond linear time — existing everywhere, and at any point in time, simultaneously. Numina is anchored in the third and fourth dimensions by being joined to the Convergence where it learns about language, linear time, and free will. Numina has knowledge of The Last Stop. [1]

This suggests two theories for why Numina may be converged-

  1. Numina is curious about something. Whether it's to study the behavior of lower lifeforms, to understand linear time, or simply to investigate the scientific anomaly that is Convergence, Numina's hunger for knowledge has driven it to converge itself.
  2. Numina has a desire to prevent The Last Stop from being opened. We know from a primary source that Numina is aware of The Last Stop. Also, given the fact that Numina "exists beyond linear time," it can be inferred that Numina also knows what the consequences will be if the Last Stop is successfully opened by Oleander. In the final QPass mission, the player is asked to send their memories to Numina in order to prevent The Last Stop being opened. If the player fails to do so, and the memories never get sent to Numina, the player receives this memo:
Luckily, at the last possible moment, our 6th dimensional neighbor, Numina, plucked these powerful Memories out of our timeline – plugging the memory drain and saving our world. But why? What caused Numina to intervene? Or rather, who?
This demonstrates a clear desire from Numina to foil Oleanders plans via direct intervention, and all but confirms theory #2. Numina knew The Last Stop presented a threat, either to the citizens of Convergence or, perhaps more likely, itself and its transdimensional network of interconnected worlds. Numina's convergence is, more than likely, explained by self-preservation.

Concept art, early models and previsualizations[]

Found in leaked permitting PDF's


  1. Numina was originally called "Swamp"