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A periodic table showing the elements of Source.

The Source is cosmic energy strong enough to power civilizations. The Nula built a well to access Source and used Source to build and power their ancient civilization. The well was later inherited by the Zenion.

In the writings found in Thali's tomb, Thali states that Source was not created by Nula, but was used by Nula historically. She calls Source the first energy. Source facilitates creation and growth. When civilizations attempt to control, confine, or obscure Source, destruction ensues. Just as Source can make a world, it can unmake it.

The Source is responsible for the forked worlds. According to Thali, "The Source forked the world to be free."

The scepter, once intended for Thali and later used by Cecelia Dram to control Source in some way, is closely linked with Source energy.

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Source Constituents[]

The Source consists of seven separate energies or elements: desire, purity, power, unity, transition, mystery, and creation. The Zenion used the monoliths to divide Source into its individual energies, which could then be wielded by an individual.


  • Desire: The hand that reaches. Absence leads to abundance. Brings prosperity and burdens. The necessary act before all other acts are done.
  • Purity: The hand that cuts. Discipline that tempers desire. Order favors this.
  • Power: The hand that gives, to and from yourself to community. The ability to control your desire. From the depths, the strength to lift oneself.
  • Unity: The hand that bonds. Harmony of purpose and symmetry through dissonance. We are unified by Source because we are of Source.
  • Transition: The Hand that Turns. Motion that moves us forward. From light to shadow, motion defying stagnation and inertia. The static giving way to life.
  • Mystery: The hand that Masks. The depths are infinite. The multiverse is predicated on expectation and wonder. Mystery is the premise. It is a shield or a lock. Mystery and Creation are Sisters.
  • Creation: The hand that foregoes. It is everything and unites the spirals. The aetherial binding the material. The Aetherial impulse reaches from the solid world and into the world of Source. As we Zenion learned to walk on land, perhaps you will learn to walk like Nula.

It is widely believed that the future expansion of Omega Mart will include additional gamification related to The Source.

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